ASME Code Tanks and Non-Code Tanks

ASME Code, Non-Code, Custom Fabricated and Standard Tanks

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ASME code pressure vessels are designed and manufactured in accordance with Section VIII, Division 1 of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. The ASME Code controls the pressure vessel design, materials used, welder qualifications, methods of construction, inspections and documentation.

Code Vessels are produced with a 3.5:1 safety factor, follow a strict quality control program, and are reviewed by a third party authorized inspection agency. Fittings for code vessels are typically 3,000 pound designs or ANSI flanges. Following construction, each vessel is hydrostatically tested to 130% of its design pressure.


Non-Code pressure vessels are designed and manufactured with similar guidelines, in the same facilities and by the same experienced people as ASME Code vessels. Non-code vessel designs use a conservative 3:1 safety factor and can use a broader range of materials. Fittings used for non-code tanks are typically 150 pound designs or ANSI flanges.


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